This Map Shows the Average Movie Ticket Price in Each U.S. State

Going to the movies can often be a costly trip for fans of the cinema. But there are some states that don’t require an arm and a leg for admission to the theater.

The website PromoCodesForYou did some research to figure out the average price of a movie ticket in each U.S. state. They then compiled that information into a map for your reading pleasure. Take a look:

As you can see, California ranked the highest in the nation with an average movie ticket costing $15.22. Meanwhile the state of Nebraska came in with the lowest average ticket at only $8.17. Overall, the average ticket for an adult moviegoer in the United States came in at $10.61.

Certain cities also charged more per ticket as well. New York City, Los Angeles and Kapolei, Hawaii came in as the three most expensive cities in America to buy a movie ticket. And for the cheapest tickets you’d need to head to Memphis, Soldotne, Alaska and Grand Island, Nebraska. In fact, you’d only need to pay $4.60 to go to a movie in Grand Island.

There must just be too many exciting things to do in Nebraska that people don’t feel the need to go to the movies.

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