New Series Will Explore the Counterarguments to Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’

By February 25, 2018 No Comments

In 2015, Netflix ignited a storm when their show Making a Murderer released and people demand justice for Steven Avery. But a new series will explore whether the original series actually got things right.

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A new series, called Convicting a Murderer, is currently being produced by documentary filmmaker Simon Rech. The series will focus on aspects from the case that several people associated with the case, such as District Attorney Ken Kratz, Investigator Tom Fassbender and others, that were left out of the Netflix show.

Making a Murderer focuses on the murder of Teresa Halbach and the investigation of Steven Avery, who was eventually convicted of the crime. The filmmakers highlighted a number of inconsistencies and flaws in the investigation and implied that Avery did not actually commit the crime.

However, the show received criticism from both people associated with the investigation as well as internet fact hunters who noted the show omitted several pieces of evidence that indicate Avery’s guilt.

Convicting a Murderer does not currently have a streaming service or network, so it’s unclear how the show will eventually be released.

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