Drink Like Don Draper With These Wine Glasses Straight From the ‘Mad Men’ Set

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Mad Men was a show about people working in an office who loved drinking and smoking during the job. There were also some scenes involving the changing times, complicated relationships and personal discovery, but all of those scenes usually included drinking and/or smoking as well. But what if you could feel like one of the characters from the show?

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Here at Screenbid, we’re selling a ton of props and items that were used on the set of Mad Men. This includes things like paintings used in the show’s backgrounds, various old pieces of technology used in the 1960s and even some of the outfits worn by characters on the show.

But let’s face it, all of us want to be more like Don Draper. His cool demeanor, his brilliant mind and his determination were all qualities we’d love to have as well. And while nothing in our store will help you acquire any of those, we can help you drink like him.

We’re selling a set of wine glasses used on the set of Mad Men. So the next time you throw a dinner party, you can impress all your friends by telling them that Don Draper or Roger Sterling may have used the glass they’re drinking out of. That’ll be pretty hard for your friends to top at their parties.

If you’re interested in these wine glasses, you can buy them right here. And you can view all of our Mad Men store items for sale right here.

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