Travel in Style Like Don Draper With This Suitcase from ‘Mad Men’

By March 23, 2018 No Comments

Everyone wants to be like Don Draper, but even if you put on a suit and start smoking a couple packs a day, you’ll probably never reach his level of coolness. But here at Screenbid, we have something that could help.

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We’re selling a ton of items straight from the set of Mad Men that you can own right now. This includes anything from wine glasses to home decorations, and even some fancy ashtrays. But one of the most useful items we’re selling is a retro red suitcase used right on Mad Men.


The next time you hop onto an airplane, you’ll look just as smooth as Don Draper himself! And the best part is you’ll actually be able to tell which bag is yours when you’re at the baggage claim after your flight.

You can buy this fancy suitcase right here. And if you want to see the rest of the items we’re selling from the Mad Men set, click here.

See the entire Official Mad Men Auction Here!

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