This is One of the Most Popular Items in the Mad Men Auction

Have you ever encountered a problem or project at work and thought, “If only I had Don Draper’s brain to solve this!” Well, we can’t give you his brain, but we can give you the next best thing.

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Here at Screenbid we’re auctioning off tons of items and props straight from the set of Mad Men. This includes paintings from characters’ homes to the sign in the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce lobby to a Chrysler convertible driven by Don. But there’s only one item that could help improve your performance at work.

We’re auctioning off the black study chair used in Don’s study in the first three seasons of the show. Unfortunately, the chair seems to be used for very little studying. It was often a place for Don to make phone calls he didn’t want his wife, Betty to hear. And Betty was sitting in the chair when she discovered the box of secrets that revealed Don Draper’s real name was actually Dick Whitman.

So whether you want to use the chair for actual study or creative thinking, or you also want to engage in secretive behavior behind the backs of your friends and family, this chair will be an excellent addition to any home office.

You can bid on Don’s office chair right here. And you can see all the Mad Men items we’re auctioning off here on Screenbid right here.

And if you’re interested, you can even bid on Don Draper’s box of secrets right here as well.

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