Pawnee, Indiana was a quiet town that underwent some pretty dramatic controversies over the entire course of Parks and Recreation. And as Deputy Director of the the Department of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope was usually at the center of it…somehow. Whether it was saving a landmark diner, preventing a fast food restaurant from putting too much sugar in their soda or bailing out an affluent neighboring city, Leslie found herself in all walks of life in Pawnee.

While the world of Pawnee in Parks and Recreation is mostly fictional, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely fake. Here at Screenbid, we’re auctioning off nearly 300 props and items straight from the set of Parks and Recreation. Many of the items we have are from the many fake Pawnee businesses that were featured throughout the show.

Below are 12 of our favorite items from Pawnee businesses. You can also view all the items we have for auction right here.

Chardbodies’ T-Shirt

Chardbodies was a chard vendor in Pawnee that began selling merchandise using "chard" in various sexual puns. While Leslie found them disgusting and tried to shut them down, fans of the show enjoyed them a lot more. If you love a good sexual pun, you'll need to buy this Chardbodies t-shirt.

Entertainment 720 Hoodie

Entertainment 720 was Tom Haverford's most ambitious business idea ever. Unfortunately, he didn't really know what to do with the company or how to make money, so it went bankrupt almost immediately. But it was a blast for those few short days! Reminisce about that brief blaze of glory with this Entertainment 720 hoodie.

Sweetums Apron

Sweetums is the local candy factory in Pawnee providing delicious treats to the community since 1931. It's also the reason why Pawnee is way above the national average in terms of diabetes. But, when it tastes this good, it's worth! Celebrate Sweetums delicious tradition with this apron from the company.

Spawnee Bathrobe

For a small town in Indiana, Pawnee sure loved to name their businesses with puns. But perhaps none was better than the local spa, known as "Spawnee." So whether you're a fan of the show or a fan of puns, this Spawnee bathrobe is perfect for you.

Douche Nation T-Shirt

"Crazy Ira and the Douche" was the most popular radio program in Pawnee. Unfortunately this had less to do with their wit and discussion of political topics and more to do with their frequent use of fart sound effects. So if you're a member of "Douche Nation," you'll need one of these t-shirts.

Jamm Orthodontics ‘Brace Yourself’ Windbreaker

Councilman Jamm was no friend of Leslie Knope or the Parks and Recreation gang. In fact, he was basically her archnemesis for many episodes. But you have to admit the guy had great puns, as exemplified by this Jamm Orthodontics "Brace Yourself" windbreaker.

Pawnee Today Mug

"Pawnee Today" rarely led to positive media attention for the staff of the Department of Parks and Recreation. And yet they continued to go on, because there honestly weren't many options. Celebrate Pawnee's favorite local interview show with this "Pawnee Today" mug.

April’s Save JJ’s Diner T-Shirt

JJ's Diner was a favorite amongst the staff of the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation. But near the end of the show, the business was being forced to shut down. But luckily the gang got together to try and save it. You can relive this heroic undertaking with this shirt worn by April to save the diner.

Tom’s Rent A Swag Business Proposal

Tom Haverford had several unique business ideas and pitches throughout his time on Parks and Recreation. Most of them were tremendous failures. But one of his few successes was his clothing rental business called "Rent-a-Swag." A great business, as long as he ignored that his clothes could fit 12-year-old boys.

Paunch Burger Apron

Everyone knows the best fast food in Pawnee comes from Paunch Burger. Notice we said "best" not "healthiest." In fact, we're pretty sure you're required to go to the doctor immediately after eating a Paunch Burger. But you'll need this apron from the fast food place to cover your shirt from all the grease dripping off their burgers.

“Ya’ Heard? With Perd” Mug

"Ya' Heard? With Perd" was one of the most popular talk shows on local Pawnee television. Perd Hapley is probably the best (and definitely the most sober) TV host in Pawnee. Support the show with this awesome mug from the show.

O’Flynnigan’s Bar T-Shirt

Whenever the employees of the Department of Parks and Recreation needed a drink, they always headed over to O'Flynnigan's (unless they went to the Snake Hole Lounge, but that was never a good idea). With this shirt, you can feel like one of the bar's regulars.

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