This Movie Caused 100 People to Walk Out of a Theater in Disgust

Occasionally a controversial film will come out that will cause theatergoers to leave in disgust. But one new movie may take that to a whole new level.

Last night a film called The House That Jack Built premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The movie is directed by Lars von Trier, a controversial filmmaker who’s known for using violent and disturbing imagery. The film is about a serial killer, played by Matt Dillon, and supposedly features several scenes of grisly death and torture. According to reports, over 100 people who attended the Cannes screening walked out before it ended.

Apparently one scene in the movie caused the most controversy. It features Dillon’s character shooting two children. Most people left at that point in the movie.

The movie was shown to journalists earlier today, and less people walked out of this screening (although there were still apparently a few). So maybe it’s that the audience who attended the first screening weren’t prepared for the disturbing violence.

There were also reports that the movie received a standing ovation from the attendees who made it all the way the movie, so maybe it’s just an extremely polarizing film.

Still, we’d probably suggest you not use this movie for a date night.

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