John Krasinski’s Next Movie After ‘A Quiet Place’ Will Be a Sci-Fi Film Set on Mars

By April 19, 2018 No Comments

A Quiet Place is dominating the box office right now as fans and critics praise the creative horror film. And now director John Krasinski’s earned a new big budget film as a reward.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Krasinski’s next project will be a movie called Life on Mars. The movie is based on a short story about a woman who lives on a Martian colony that’s been abandoned by Earth who discovers she can actually breathe the air on the planet. It’s not clear if the movie will have a similar horror genre tone or if it’s something entirely different. Krasinski will be making the movie along with the producers from A Quiet Place.

The success of A Quiet Place, which grossed over $50 million in its opening weekend on a budget of only $17 million, helped catapult Krasinski into the list of Hollywood’s hottest directors. The former star of NBC’s The Office had previously directed two indie films, but A Quiet Place was his first effort with a major studio.

So it sounds like things are going pretty well for Jim Halpert ever since he left Scranton.

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