‘Jerry Springer’ Show May Finally Come to an End

The Jerry Springer Show is one of the most iconic and notorious daytime shows in television history. But it appears there may no longer be any new episodes of the show coming to television.

Reports are coming out that The Jerry Springer Show may never film another episode. The saga began in April when the cable station syndicates the 27-year-old show said they would no longer pickup the series. The CW network then swooped it and purchased the rights for the show, but they said they only plan to reruns of the show, not produce new episodes.

When the show originally aired back in 1991, it attempted to be a serious talk show about politics and other stories in the news. But when the show moved to Chicago during its second year, it began booking guests with salacious stories and backgrounds to boost ratings. The show then became the model for a number of similar talk shows, most of which have long left the air besides Maury.

Perhaps the CW will change their mind and decide to make some more episodes of the show. But if not, we may no longer be able to shout, “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!”

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