Someone Stole the Original ‘Iron Man’ Costume Worth Over $300,000

Considering how much the Marvel movies make at the box office, you’d think Disney would keep a close eye on all things related to that cinematic universe. But clearly someone missed something pretty important.

News came out that the Iron Man suit from the original Iron Man movie, the first Marvel movie, is missing. Owners of the Pacoima movie prop storage facility contacted the Los Angeles Police Department after discovering that the suit was missing on Tuesday. According to reports, the suit was last seen in the facility on Tuesday and has been missing since some time in April.

The suit is estimated to be worth around $320,000. And considering how popular the Marvel movies are (Avengers: Infinity War just became the quickest movie to $1 billion at the box office), you can bet there may be some financial reasons for why the suit’s gone missing.

But then again, Tony Stark did give his suits the ability to fly autonomously. You don’t think…it’s not possible, right? It couldn’t have…flown out of there on its own?

Nah, someone probably stole it and is trying to sell it on the black market. So if you see an ad for an original Iron Man costume on Craigslist, be sure to contact the LAPD.

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