Here’s How Netflix Customizes Its Site to Find You the Best TV Shows and Movies

By February 4, 2018 No Comments

Have you ever been on Netflix and noticed that the thumbnail for a movie was different than it was a few days ago? You probably assumed that it was just the site trying to look cool with different types of artwork. But it turns out Netflix is actually constantly customizing itself to provide the best information to you for TV shows and movies to watch.

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YouTuber Thomas Flight created a new video discussing Netflix’s customization strategy. Basically, Netflix tailors everything about the site to guide you towards TV shows and movies you’ll want to watch. Have you been watching a bunch of Matt Damon movies lately? Then you’ll probably get a thumbnail featuring him for Good Will Hunting. But if you’ve been watching more Robin Williams movies, then you’ll get him instead.

Netflix uses the customization to get you to watch certain shows and movies. So not only are they taking your show and movie preferences into account, but even the types of thumbnails you click on. Heck, even the “Trending Now” section is personally tailored to your tastes.

Watch Thomas’ full video to see more about how the customization works:

Netflix basically doesn’t want you to waste your time watching stuff you don’t want to see. That’s pretty darn cool.

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