All Dr. Ken fans loved the insanity that went on at the Welltopia Medical Group — and were understandably heartbroken when the show went off the air.

If you’re one of those fans, then you’re in for some good news! Here at Screenbid, we have some of the actual props and costumes used on the set of Dr. Ken for sale. So while the show may be gone, you can own a piece of it forever.

One of the best, and definitely funniest, items in the collection is a hot dog suit worn by Dr. Ken. If you remember, Ken wore the costume to work for Halloween and even asked to be referred to as Dr. Hot Dog.

Obviously, there are not many high-quality Hot Dog costumes floating around for purchase, and there are even fewer Hot Dog costumes worn by Dr. Ken himself! So if you’re fan of Dr. Ken, Ken Jeong and/or hot dog costumes, then this is the perfect item for you! And your next Halloween costume is done!

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