These Horror Movie Posters Sorted by Color are the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

By March 12, 2018 No Comments

Movie posters are an underrated art in the movie industry. An awesome movie poster can help elevate a film to “must-see” territory, while a mediocre one will push it into “wait until it’s on-demand.” But it appears there may be a formula for these posters, at least in the horror genre.

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A Tumblr account called PricklyLegs sorted a bunch of popular horror movies based on the color of their movie posters. It’s a pretty awesome poster, and you can see how each poster used that particular color to evoke a certain emotion or display a different aspect about the movie.

For instance, red obviously has a lot of connections to blood, while green has more of a sickness feel to it. Blue seems to be particularly popular for ghost-related movies and purple seems like it was reserved for bizarre ones.

Here’s a look at all the colors.






So the next time you see a poster in the theaters, you’ll immediately assemble it into your mental collage.

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