Home Alone is a classic comedy about a boy who gets stranded at home while his family is on vacation, and his battles against a pair of burglars. And while the movie is great, you do have to wonder about the real-life implications. No, we’re not talking about abandoning a child for weeks on end. We mean how Kevin McAllister’s traps would actually affect a human being!

Throughout the movie, Kevin’s traps are played off as jokes. Fairly harmless pranks meant to keep the burglars from succeeding. But in real-life, getting hit in the face with a paint can would be…well…dangerous. In fact, if you tried most of these traps on your friends as a prank, you’d probably wind up in court for attempted murder.

A couple of YouTubers got together and decided to examine what would happen if someone were to actually face Kevin McAllister’s traps in real-life. Hint: It’s not good. Take a look:

Unfortunately this video doesn’t answer the most important question of all: Is Home Alone a Christmas movie?

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