Harrison Ford Secretly Served as an Advisor on the Upcoming Han Solo Movie

By February 12, 2018 No Comments

When LucasFilm announced that they were making a Han Solo prequel movie, many fans were worried about how the young Solo would compare to the one from the original trilogy. But would it help to know the original Han Solo was involved in the making of the prequel?

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It’s been reported today that Harrison Ford secretly served as a technical advisor on Solo: A Star Wars Story. While Ford wasn’t directly involved with the making of the movie, he offered both the filmmakers and actors insight on the character who he’s played in four different movies.

Ford reportedly has had many conversations with Aiden Ehrenreich, the actor portraying Solo in the new movie, to help give him a deeper understand of the character and hopefully help yield a better performance. Ron Howard, who took over directing the movie during filming, also reached out to Ford about the character and how he thought he should be portrayed.

For many years it’s been rumored that Ford resented the Han Solo role. He supposedly wanted the character killed off in Empire Strikes Back, and many believe that his death in Force Awakens was a requirement for him to sign onto the film.

But considering his willingness to come back and help advise people making a standalone movie about the character, perhaps those rumors aren’t true.

Either way, this has to make fans feel more optimistic about the upcoming movie that the original Han Solo had at least a little influence over how the character is portrayed.

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