Han Solo’s Blaster Auctions for $550,000

Star Wars fans love collecting memorabilia from the popular sci-fi series, but in order to acquire one famous prop you’d need a little over a half million dollars.

Han Solo’s blaster from Return of the Jedi auctioned off for $550,000 over the weekend in Las Vegas. The blaster was purchased by Ripley’s Believe It or Not, a franchise of museums that display bizarre or unique items. Other Star Wars items that were auctioned off included a Empire Biker Scout Blaster and a Ewok prop axe, both from Return of the Jedi as well.

While $550,000 is obviously a big chunk of change, it’s not even close to the most expensive Star Wars prop ever auctioned off. Just last year someone purchased an R2-D2 model that was used in several of the franchise’s films for $2.76 million. So sorry, Han. Turns out fans like R2-D2 a little more than you.

Solo’s blaster wasn’t the only high-selling item from the weekend auction. Someone also purchased Christopher Reeve’s costume from Superman III for $200,000.

Wonder if the auction was entirely for props from the third movie of franchises?

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