Every year, people post videos on YouTube of an amazing setup they made for the holiday lights at their home. And every year you have to wonder, “How the heck did these people do this?” And the answer this year is The Force.

Matt Johnson is a software engineer who was featured on the ABC show The Great Christmas Light Fight in 2013. His light shows are so impressive that he’s begun making annual spectacles of his set ups and even created his own company called Living Light Shows which makes product designs and offers consulting to companies.

This year, Johnson decided to make his home design an homage to Star Wars. He also timed his show with an EDM remix of the iconic “Imperial March” originally written by John Williams.

Johnson told Entertainment Weekly that it took him eight months to produce all of the necessary components for the show, the same amount of time to program it and five weeks to install it.

If you’re interested in seeing Johnson’s display, it is available at Dignowity Park in downtown San Antonio, Texas every night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., until the New Year.

Personally, I wish Johnson had just used the original music from the movies instead of an EDM remix. But still pretty freaking cool!

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