The Get Down

When you think of the greatest fictional bands of all time, you have to include the Get Down Brothers. Their songs perfectly encapsulated the emerging hip-hop scene of the late 1970’s. And they also looked super dope while doing so.

If you’re an admirer of the Get Down Brothers’ outfits (and let’s face it, that’s all of us), you’re in luck. Here at Screenbid we’re auctioning off hundreds of items straight from The Get Down set. And you’re in luck, because one of jumpsuits actually worn by one of the Get Down Brothers is available. That’s right, you can own the actual outfit worn by a Get Down brother!

If you’re wondering, the outfit in question belongs to Ra-Ra, the voice of reason and resident nerd of the Get Down Brothers. Most of us have a little nerd in us (otherwise we wouldn’t be so interested in pop culture memorabilia), so this is perfect for fans of the show.

So if you’re still feeling down about The Get Down being over, this is the perfect way to cheer yourself up. Now, the music never stops!

You can click on the image below to bid on this jumpsuit or view all of the props from The Get Down right here.

Ra-Ra’s Get Down Brothers Costume

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