6 Pieces of Furniture from ‘Mad Men’ You Can Get For Your Own Home

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One of the best parts about watching Mad Men was all the 1960’s items shown. Whether it’s the crazy fashion or the unique art, the show paid immaculate attention to being as authentic to the era as possible. And now you can do the same in your own home.

Here are Screenbid, we’re auctioning off tons of items and props used on the set of Mad Men. These props both give off 1960’s nostalgia while also reminding you about one of the best television shows ever made.

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Some of the best props available in the auction are unique furniture you’d only find back in the 1960’s. Here are six great items if you’re looking to add a little retro flair to your home.

You can find the full list of items available in our Mad Men auction here.

Ted Chaough’s Leather Chairs

Ted Chaough had some ups and downs over the course of Mad Men. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have great taste! These black leather chairs are perfect for any living room.

Peggy Olson’s Apartment Couch

No one climbed the social ladder more than Peggy Olson over the course of the show. Many people view Peggy as their hero, so why not honor their hero with the couch she bought for her apartment?

Don’s Study Chair

Don Draper often spent hours in his study trying to think up the perfect ad campaign. And it usually worked! Maybe if you purchase Don’s chair, you’ll get similar levels of creative inspiration!

Mad Men Wall Speakers

Looking to add a little retro vibes to your audio system? Why not pick up these wall speakers? And if you’re someone who’s picked up a record player in recent years, this will go great with that.

Don and Betty’s Dining Table Chairs

Don and Betty Draper had a beautiful home in Mad Men, and you can add some Betty’s great furniture taste to your own home with these dining tables straight from the Draper residence.

Mad Men Entertainment Center

Today, we have flat screen TVs and plasmas that don’t really add any character to a room. But a 1960’s entertainment center from the set of Mad Men? Now that makes a statement.

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