Ed Helms Talks About the Funniest Scene From ‘The Office’ They Ever Filmed

The Office is one of the funniest shows ever made, and certainly every fan must have a scene they think is the most hilarious. But do the members of the cast also have favorite scenes from the show?

Ed Helms, who played Andy Bernard on season three to nine on The Office, went on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his new movie Tag. During the interview, Helms was asked about his time on The Office. Helms talked about how Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott on the show, constantly cracked him up.

“[Steve Carell] just slays me,” Helms said. “There’s something in his eyes. There’s a lot of time when I was doing a scene with Steven and I had to look at his chin, otherwise, I would just lose it.”

Helms specifically pointed to a Christmas episode where Scott dressed up as Santa Claus and one of the office workers sat on his lap. Helms said he ruined tons of takes and had to hide behind a plant to not mess up the scene.

“There’s an episode where he’s playing Santa,” Helms said. “Kevin is sitting in his lap, and he’s so awful about it, because it’s uncomfortable for him, and he’s just being really rude and weird and mean about it. I had to duck behind a plant — you can see in the actual episode. And by the way, that was like take 30, because I had been laughing in every single take. He’s a genius.”

Here’s the scene Helms is referring to:

You can definitely see Helms (and co-star Mindy Kaling) trying not to laugh in the scene, and there’s even a few shots where Helms disappears from the background, probably to hide like he said in the interview. You can also watch some of the bloopers from the scene as well:

So once again we have to ask: WHEN ARE WE GETTING AN OFFICE REUNION?!

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