The Early Reviews for the ‘Solo’ Prequel are Pretty Good

Solo: A Star Wars Story is only a few weeks away from release, but many people are anxiously awaiting to see if the movie will be any good. And the early reactions are positive.

Last night Solo premiered in Los Angeles for fans, critics and people in the industry. And the results were actually pretty good. Most people seemed to have a positive response to the movie.

Even people who seemed critical of some aspects of the film still gave a positive review overall.

Solo endured quite a bit of controversy in the lead up to its release. The film was originally written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who are best known as the brains behind the Lego movie franchise. But near the end of filming, Lord and Miller were fired and replaced by renowned director Ron Howard.

There were then rumors that the film’s tone was being adjusted, as well as gossip that an acting coach was brought in to help some of the lead performers hone their chemistry.

But despite all this drama, it appears that the film came together in the end and will become another solid Star Wars addition.

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