Improve Your Bachelor Pad With Don Draper’s Night Stands

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On Mad Men, Don Draper briefly lived alone in a Manhattan bachelor pad after getting a divorce from his wife Betty. And now you can spice up your own bachelor pad with some of Draper’s furniture.

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Here at Screenbid, we’re auctioning off a ton of items and props from the set of Mad Men. These items are things you can see on the show yourself, including a 1964 convertible driven by Don or the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce sign from the ad agency’s lobby. But if you’re someone living alone in your own bachelor or bachelorette pad, we have an item you’ll love…and need.

We’re auctioning off the two nightstands Draper used in his bedroom throughout his stint in his bachelor pad during the show’s fourth season. While Don mostly used them to place his gin bottle after a night of drinking, you can probably use it for a lamp or alarm clock or any other useful item that doesn’t involve drinking yourself into oblivion before going to sleep.

And if you ever bring a special someone into your bedroom, you’ll be able to proudly brag that your night stands belonged to the great Don Draper!

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