You Can Own Don Draper’s 1964 Chrysler Convertible

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Don Draper is both the embodiment of men in the 1960’s as well as the coolest man to ever grace the planet. Whether it was his impeccable fashion to his incredible mind, Don Draper was The Man. And now you can be The Man too.

Bid on Don’s Convertible Here!

Here at Screenbid, we’re auctioning off a ton of props used on the set of Mad Men, one of the greatest TV dramas ever made. We’ve got everything from art to wine glasses to random 1960’s nostalgia that any fan of the show will love. But perhaps the best prop we have available is Draper’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown convertible.

For car fans, this is a great item. Chrysler made only 922 versions of the 1964 Imperial, and there are believed to be fewer than 200 that are still around today. The 1964 Imperial was Famed auto designer Elwood Engel’s vision for reimagining the Imperial car brand. The old say is “you ride in a Cadillac, you glide in a Lincoln, but you float in an Imperial,” which might be something Don Draper thought of himself. It features413 V-8 wedge engine mated to the smooth-shifting 727 TorqueFllite push button automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power antenna for the working AM-FM radio and electric top. Everything in the car is original except for the carpeting and a re-done paint job from 20 years ago.

Mad Men fans will recognize the Imperial from Season Four, Episode Three of the show. In the episode, Don drives the car while in Los Angeles to visit his friend Anna and ends up meeting her niece, Stephanie. The trip ends on a somber note when Don finds out that Anna has terminal cancer and will not live much longer.

It’s one of the show’s great moments, and now you can feel like part of that episode with this Chrysler.

You can bid on the Chrysler Imperial right here. And if you want to see all the items we’re auctioning off from Mad Men, go here.

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