Diner from ‘Goodfellas’ Destroyed in Fire

One of the most iconic diners in movie history has been destroyed in a massive fire.

The Goodfellas Diner in the Queens borough of New York City was destroyed in a fire on Monday afternoon. The fire began at 4:30 p.m., and while no one was hurt, the entire building was severely damaged.

The diner was featured in the famous scene in Goodfellas where Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro’s characters find out Joe Pesci’s character’s been killed by the mob.

The Goodfellas Diner opened back in the 1960’s and was originally called the Clinton Diner. Denise and Michael Diamantis purchased the diner in the early 1980’s and eventually changed the name to Goodfellas after they received so many visitors who came to the location after the movie came out.

Since Goodfellas, the diner’s been featured in several other TV shows, music videos and commercials including The Good WifeThe Americans, and Master of None.

The owners say they will rebuild the diner, but there is no timeline in place yet.

Sounds like this could be the work of some vengeful mobsters, if you ask me.

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