Here are the Movies with the Biggest Differences of Opinion Between Men and Women

Movie studios often make films that will appeal to one gender over the other. For instance, a blockbuster action movie will be targeted for men while a romantic comedy will target women. But is there really a big difference in movie opinion between men and women?

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FiveThirtyEight examined how men’s opinions of movies differ from women. To do so, they looked at how people rated the top 1000 movies on IMDB and separated the movies based on where each gender rated them. Here’s a look at the movies that had the biggest difference of opinion between genders:

As you can see, the Harry Potter movies were a big hit among women, but not so much men. Six of the franchise’s films appeared in the top 20 list of movies women preferred over men. As is probably expected as well, movies that focused on female leads (Wonder Woman, The Blind Side, Hidden Figures, etc.) also made up most of the rest of that list.

Meanwhile it appears men preferred older movies to women, as nine of the 20 on the list men liked more were made before 1970. Only one pre-1970 movie ended up on the list of movies women preferred more. Men also seemed to prefer more violent films, as most of the list is made up of either warm films, boxing movies or westerns.

But if you’re curious, both men and women ranked The Shawshank Redemption as the greatest movie of all time. So we know both sides have excellent tastes.

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