Everyone knows Die Hard is one of the best action movies ever. But is it also one of the best Christmas movies as well?

That is one of the greatest debates in movie history. Die Hard is set on Christmas Eve as NYPD Detective John McClane travels to Los Angeles to attend the holiday party of his estranged wife. The party is taken over by terrorists who are attempting to rob the company.

Since the film takes place on Christmas Eve, many argue that it is a Christmas movie. Others say that the holiday is largely irrelevant to the plot and has nothing to do with Christmas or the themes of the holiday season, and therefore is not.

To help clear this up, CNN anchor Jake Tapper sent a tweet to the screenwriter behind Die Hard, Steven E. de Souza, and asked him if it is a Christmas movie.

Here was de Souza’s response:

So there it is. End of debate. Next year, TNT will stop showing their marathon of A Christmas Story and show Die Hard instead.

Yippee-Ki-Yay, Father Christmas!

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