Damian Lewis Will Play Infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in a New Movie

By April 17, 2018 No Comments

Damian Lewis is an accomplish actor known for his roles in Homeland and his current show Billions. But his next role will be…well…unusual to say the least.

It’s been announced that Lewis will play former Toronto mayor Rob Ford in a new thriller movie. The movie is about a reporter who attempts to expose a scandal involving a politician (presumably Ford) who “doesn’t play by the rules,” while the politician’s aides try to reel him in.

Ford became infamous in 2013 when a video of him smoking crack cocaine went viral. In addition to the scandal, he was known for being very brash and nontraditional, which led to him becoming a frequent target on shows like The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live. He passed away from complications related to cancer at age 46 in 2016.

For some reason the producers of the movie are keeping the Rob Ford movie details under lock and key, so it’s unclear how the movie may alter the events of Ford’s infamous tenure as mayor.

Also, Lewis is wearing a prosthetic suit to help beef up his physique to better resemble Ford.

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