A ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Sequel Starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth Was Announced, But Is It All Just a Prank?

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When Hollywood announces another reboot or sequel to a popular movie from the past, fans can often be worried that the new film will tarnish the legacy of the franchise. But a recent announcement has fans wondering if they’re just being pranked.

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A few days ago, a teaser trailer was released for a movie called Dundee. It’s a sequel to the Crocodile Dundee movies, starring Danny McBride as Dundee’s American son who goes to Australia to find his father. Chris Hemsworth also stars as a guide helping McBride’s character. Here’s a look at the two teasers that have been released:

Supposedly Dundee is coming out this summer, but many people are skeptical that it’s even real. It’s very rare that a movie is able to go entirely into production and release a trailer six months before release without a single leak coming from Hollywood about it.

It’s also weird that Hollywood would want to reboot the Crocodile Dundee movies considering they’re not exactly seen as classic movies compared to a Ghostbusters or other films that have recently been resurrected.

And then there’s the premise that Danny McBride is playing Dundee’s long lost, American son, who’s traveling to Australia for the first time to find his father. The premise seems to ridiculous to people. And the teasers themselves seems more like a parody you’d see on YouTube than an actual promo for a movie.

The current belief is that this is just an elaborate setup for an advertisement that will air during the Super Bowl in a few weeks. This is partly fueled by the fact that the director of the movie is Steve Rogers, a well-known advertising executive.

So on the off-chance you were super-pumped about seeing a new Crocodile Dundee movie, we’re sorry to say you may be out of luck.

UPDATE: 1/24

It has been confirmed that the movie is not real. It’s all part of an elaborate ad campaign made by Tourism Australia that will culminate with a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Sorry if we got anybody’s hopes up that it could be real!

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