Here’s a Crazy Theory About the Office’s Creed Bratton That Makes Perfect Sense

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One of the best aspects about The Office was the number of hilarious side characters at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. But one new fan theory could change the way you view one of those workers.

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Creed Bratton is in charge of Quality Assurance for the Scranton branch, and is known for being a little…let’s say…unique. Frankly, he often seems completely insane and in real life there’s no way he’d ever keep his job. But on the show, he’s just another lovable employee. Or is he?

A fan theory about The Office suggests Creed Bratton may not actually be Creed Bratton. In the season four episode “Money,” Creed says he has never declared bankruptcy. When he gets into financial trouble, he transfers his debt to William Charles Schneider. He then shows a passport with that name with a photo of himself.

So you could assume that he’s simply invented a fake identity to scam his creditors. But then in a season five episode, Creed says the last person who tried to steal from him disappeared. And the name of the person who tried to steal from him? Creed Bratton.

The fan theory is that Creed’s real name is William Charles Schneider. The real Creed Bratton tried to steal from Schneider, but was caught and killed. Schneider then assumed Bratton’s identity and began living as the Creed we know on the show.

But Creed’s just an oddball, right? He can’t actually be a killer, can he? Well, remember this clip from the final season of The Office:

We’d advise you to stay away from Creed.

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