6 Craziest Moments on ‘House’

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House didn’t just stay interesting over eight seasons, but somehow it kept finding ways to shock the audience. From weird symptoms to crazy patients to just plain bad ideas, the staff at Princeton Plainsboro went through a lot. Here are six of the craziest moments they faced.

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1. A guy’s eye pops out. And then things get worse

Season 2, Episode 24

A swollen tongue is actually pretty tame compared to some of the symptoms House’s team sees, but then when the patient’s eye pops out things get interesting to say the least. Then things really take a turn for the worse when the patient’s scrotum fills with blood and bursts. It’s not the patient’s lucky day, but it hasn’t been great for House either, because…

2. House gets shot

Season 2, Episode 24

Shortly after House meets the patient with the swollen tongue a disgruntled former patient shoots him in his office. In reality, House hallucinated everything after the swollen tongue while in shock after the shooting.

3. A patient takes hostages

Season 5, Episode 9

That isn’t even the first time House has faced down the barrel of a gun. Before that, a frustrated patient took House, Thirteen, and a group of patients hostage until House could diagnose him.

4. Chase gets stabbed

Season 8, Episode 11

The staff at Princeton-Plainsboro seems to deal with a lot of combative patients and in this case Chase is the one who has to suffer for it. House decides that the best way to test a patient for steroid-induced psychosis is giving the patient a huge dose of steroids. The patient goes berserk and stabs Chase with a scalpel. It proves the theory, but also leaves Chase partially paralyzed for a time.

5. A patient wakes up during his autopsy

Season 6, Episode 6

“Differential diagnosis for resurrection – go.” What else is there to say when the patient you were just about to an autopsy on wakes up, screaming?

6. Kutner sets a patient on fire

Season 4, Episode 2

It turns out that you can’t use a defibrillator on a patient in a hyperbaric chamber. Kutner learns that the hard way, by setting a patient on fire, before he’s even a full time member of House’s team. He makes up for it later and gets to stay on the team.

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