Classic Movie Posters Worth Over $300,000 Going Up for Auction

Movie posters are one of the most sought after pieces of memorabilia. And a new auction in the United Kingdom is selling some of the rarest in the world.

Prop Store in London is holding it’s first ever Cinema Poster Live Auction in June. The auction will feature over 400 rare posters that are sure to be major collectible items. Some of the rare posters available in the auction include one from the James Bond film Goldfinger as well as a Star Wars US Teaser “B” 7-sheet poster. The Goldfinger poster is expected to auction off for over $5,000, while the Star Wars one is expected to go for over $13,000. All the posters together are expected to sell for $300,000.

“After four successful Entertainment Memorabilia live auctions, we’re always looking for exciting new things to bring to collectors and our Cinema Poster Live Auction feels very much connected to our roots,” explained Stephen Lane, Prop Store CEO. “We live and breathe movies so original poster art is as much a part of that as props and other memorabilia. In short, we’re thrilled to be working in this new market, and hope it will become a regular event.”

There are several Star Wars posters in the auction, as well as some other more cult hits such as The Lost Boys and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Not every poster will cost thousands of dollars, either. There will also be plenty of posters that sell for only hundreds of dollars.

You can’t put a price on true fandom.

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