Charlie Day Reveals an Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Fact About ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is known for its callbacks and bringing back characters and jokes from past episodes. But a new behind-the-scenes fact will make fans appreciate the show’s attention to detail even more.

Charlie Day, who plays Charlie Kelly on It’s Always Sunny and is one of the show’s writers/creators, posted an image of a shoe on Instagram. And while that wouldn’t normally be worth noting, Day revealed some special information about the shoe. In his caption, he said bought the shoe all the way back in 2004 and he’s worn the pair in nearly every single episode of It’s Always Sunny since then.

It also seems like he’s implying the show has begun filming its 13th season right now. Many people have wondered about the future of the show, as Dennis Reynolds appeared to leave the rest of the characters at the end of season 12 and the cast has been unclear about whether actor Glenn Howerton will be returning for the next season of the show.

But the most important thing about Day’s Instagram post is we now have an excuse to go back and watch every episode of It’s Always Sunny to see if he’s wearing those shoes. So you better not be lying, Charlie Day! Or the internet will catch you.

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