Find Out How You Can Own a Piece of Under the Dome

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TV Guide Reported | Nov 23, 2015 3:57 PM: (READ ARTICLE) by Liz Raftery

<em>Under the Dome</em>Under the Dome

Is your holiday shopping at a standstill because you can’t find the perfect gift for the Under the Dome fan in your life? Here’s your chance.

ScreenBid and Under the Dome are partnering up to host an auction that will feature more than 500 pieces of memorabilia from the show, which was recently canceled by CBS. The items will include wardrobe pieces, set decorations and props that were actually used in the series – from rubber asphalt from the dome’s edge to Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) dog tag.

The auction will kick off on Cyber Monday, Nov. 30. Fans can preview some of the items beforehand on the bidding site.

(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)

Want a Raylan Givens Prop From Justified? Here’s How to Score One

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TV Insider Reported: VIEW ARTICLE

TV Insider Staff

Prashant Gupta/FX

Fans who miss the FX series Justified can now collect more than just the DVDs—like something worn by Tim Olyphant’s Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, or even a U.S. Marshals mug.

Sony Pictures Television will be providing about 300 of the show’s props, wardrobe pieces and set decorations to to auction off. Studios provide authentic collectibles exclusively to, which has also auctioned off memorabilia from other finished series such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, True BloodSons of Anarchy, and Boardwalk Empire.

Some of the notable production items being auctioned off include:

  • Wardrobe from leader characters, including Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, Ava Crowder
  • Avery Markham’s bloody dinner jacket
  • Limehouse’s denim long jacket
  • Boyd, Ava and Dickie’s prison jumpsuits
  • Judge Reardon’s yellow briefs
  • U.S. Marshals Office mugs, wall plaques
  • Crowder Bar accessories, which includes bottles and glasses
  • Harlan Mine buckets, helmets, lanterns, tin cups and vintage photos
  • Rubber frying pan and other props from Ava’s kitchen
  • Pilot and finale scripts, signed by Timothy Olyphant
  • Complete series Blu-ray boxset (a collector’s edition with a limited edition flask), also signed by Olyphant

The auction preview starts today, Tuesday, October 13. Visit to see everything that’s available.

Bidding officially begins on Friday, October 16 until Thursday, October 22.

Mens Journal: The Memorabilia Worth Buying From the ‘Mad Men’ Auction Copy

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Men’s Journal Reported August 6, 2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Lauren Steele

Courtesy Everett

The Memorabilia Worth Buying From the ‘Mad Men’ Auction

The series is over, but you can keep the nostalgia of Mad Men alive with this auction of the show’s most iconic props. Lions Gate paired with online entertainment industry auction website ScreenBid to curate a massive 1,384-item catalog, which includes items spanning all seven seasons and the story’s two decades, thanks to show creator Matthew Weiner’s painstaking care in creating authentic wardrobe, furniture, and decor for the period.

Because of the near-endless amount of memorabilia available, you can search the auction for items based on character, season, price range, or keyword (which comes in handy, since there is three pages of ashtrays alone). Bids are set to close between August 6 and August 8 depending on the item, including everything from Don’s Cadillac to retro tchotchkes from the characters’ apartments and offices, starting at $50.

Several of the show’s props and costumes are currently on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and aren’t available for sale, but here are 12 of our favorite pieces from the show’s history that are up for grabs.

Travel and Leisure: The 10 Coolest Travel Props Up for Bid at the ‘Mad Men’ Set Auction

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Travel and Leisure July 30, 2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Caroline Hallemann

Still grieving over the Mad Men series finale? Now’s your chance to indulge in a little retail therapy.

Starting Friday afternoon, Screen Bid is auctioning off a collection of the show’s meticulously curated costumes and props. Among the finds? Iconic memorabilia from Sterling Cooper’s lengthy client list (think items from Mohawk Airlines and Samsonite), set pieces from the office (Peggy’s coffee cup, Duck’s “duck” print), and accessories worn by Don, Betty, Pete, and the like.

The auction begins tomorrow at noon PDT, and the catalog is already available for perusal online. But if you’d prefer not to sort through the full list of 1,385 lots, check out our selection of travel-themed picks below.

Sally’s Samsonite Fashionaire suitcase

A TWA wing pin and set of luggage tags

Pete’s overnight kit, filled with toothpaste, Bayer aspirin, and shampoo

Betty’s hard-shell, carry-on makeup case

Don’s 1960s map of New York state

Joan’s colorful beach bag, which she brought to Key West in the series finale

A replica 1960s Disneyland pamphlet, complete with a full map inside

Peggy’s vintage leather suitcase

A lot from the Royal Hawaiian hotel including coasters, two matchbooks, and a key for room 185.

A model of a Mohawk jet

Ad Age: The ‘Mad Men’ Prop Auction: 5 Items You Need At Your Agency

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Ad Age Reported August 5th, 2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Jeanine Poggi

You Could Own SC&P Business Cards and Draper’s Musings on Advertising

What made AMC‘s “Mad Men” truly unique was its authentic nostalgia, summoned through the great pains which show creator Matthew Weiner has said he took painstaking care in creating.

So it isn’t surprising that some of the series’ most iconic props are fetching interest from buyers in an online auction hosted by ScreenBid. The most expensive item up for auction is Don Draper’s 1965 Coupe DeVille, which has received 60 bids with the current bid at $26,250. Don’s Social Security Card has 34 bids and a high bid of $2,000.

But there are some other, less flashy items, that you could use in your agency office:

Don’s “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” Newspaper Ad

In season 4, during one of the more memorable moments of the series, Don Draper pens the letter “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” and runs it as a full-page ad in the Sept. 16, 1965, edition of The New York Times. The faux ad currently has 45 bids with a high of $3,600.

Burger Chef Media Presentation

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

Need some help putting together your next pitch? This SC&P Burger Chef media presentation includes budgets, questionnaires ads and more for the food chain. It currently has a high bid of $300 and has received 10 bids.

Roger’s Framed Advertiser of the Year Award

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

The award, given on the show to Roger Sterling by the Advertising Writers Society of New York City, currently has 22 bids and a high bid of $1,000.

SC&P Business Cards

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

You can pretend Don, Roger, Joan and Peggy are a part of your agency with a collection of business cards for partners and others at SC&P. The collection has 15 bids and a high bid of $850.

Don’s Typed Pages About Advertising

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

“It’s bigger than a car. It’s everything.” Don’s ramblings, which he penned during season 6 while in a drug-induced haze, has received 19 bids and a high bid of $750.

Variety: ‘Mad Men’ Memorabilia for Sale: Nearly 1,400 Props, Costumes in Online Auction

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Variety Reported JULY 31, 2015 | 08:33AM PT: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Todd Spangler

AMC’s “Mad Men” may have driven off into the sunset, but now fans of the retro show will have a chance to buy props, wardrobe pieces and set decorations used in the series — including Don Draper’s suits and his 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville from the final season.

Nearly 1,400 items from the Lionsgate-produced series will open for online bidding at ScreenBid, starting Friday, July 31, at 12 p.m. PT. Lots will begin closing Aug. 6.

In addition to the Coupe de Ville (bidding starts at $1,500), items on the block include Draper’s Brooks Brothers suits, sunglasses and business cards; wardrobe, office accessories and personal effects for every major character including Peggy Olsen, Pete Campbell, Roger Sterling, Betty Draper and Joan Harris; Megan Draper’s wedding ring; and Don Draper’s Manhattan penthouse furnishings.

SEE MORE: ‘Mad Men’ Finale: Matt Weiner Talks Coke Ad, Don’s Awakening and Joan’s Surprises

Other “Mad Men” collectibles on offer include Joan’s emerald necklace, Stan Rizzo’s bongos, Bert Cooper’s tea set, and a wide assortment of vintage barware, ashtrays, briefcases, luggage, lamps, carpets and period toys.

L.A.-based ScreenBid has previously handled similar auctions for Sony Pictures Television’s “Breaking Bad” and HBO’s “True Blood” after those series ended, among others.

Season 7 of “Mad Men” received 11 Primetime Emmy nominations, including for best drama series, Jon Hamm (Don Draper) for best actor in a drama, Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olsen) for best actress and Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris) for best supporting actress. The series was created and executive produced by Matthew Weiner, who garnered two writing Emmy nods for the final season.

The Huffington Post: You Can Stock Your Bar With Whiskey Glasses Don Draper Actually Used

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More than 1,300 items from the “Mad Men” set are now on auction.

The Huffington Post Reported 07/31/2015 08:27 AM EDT: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Carly Ledbetter

“Mad Men” may be over, but thanks to a pretty incredible auction, you can keep a little part of Don, Peggy, Roger and Joan in your heart (and home) forever.

Auction website Screenbid has more than 1,300 of the iconic show’s items listed for sale on its site. The auction begins Friday, July 31 at 3 p.m. EST. Screenbid says that each item sold will come with a certificate of authenticity from Lion’s Gate, so you know that your prized possessions are 100 percent Hollywood.

Of the props currently up for grabs, we picked out a few that we think are worth bidding on. Most items begin at $50, though if you’re interested in owning Joan’s watch or the rubber gloves Sally wears in the series finale, you’ll have to shell out at least $100 to get in the game.

Take a look at the items below and make sure to check out the rest of the props here.
1. Don’s Flask

2. Peggy’s Gold and Turquoise Cocktail Glasses

3. Don and Megan’s Gold Ice Bucket

4. Ken and Cynthia Cosgrove’s Cocktail Glasses

5. Roger’s Crown Royal Cocktail Glasses


L.A. Times: Dress like Draper: ‘Mad Men’ costume, prop, set decoration auction starts Friday

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Among the “Mad Men” items up for bid at online auction starting July 31 are a blue straw Pinzano fedora, left, and a Brooks Brothers suit, right, both worn by Don Draper over the course of the show’s seven-season run.

LA Times Reported 7/30/2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Adam Tschorn

If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to walk in Don Draper’s shoes — or Betty’s or Ken Cosgrove’s — thanks to an upcoming auction of “Mad Men” props, set pieces and costumes, you may have the opportunity to find out.

Organized through online auction house ScreenBid in coordination with Lionsgate Entertainment (which is providing certificates of authenticity for each item), the “Mad Men” auction consists of 1,384 different lots that serve up a variety of items ranging from the truly mundane — things like canceled checks and a re-created Budweiser beer can — to near unicorns like Don Draper’s beloved 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

A quick glance through the offerings (which can be previewed in advance of the auction at ScreenBids’ website) turns up lots — and we mean lots — of the tiny pieces of set dressing that made the period show (which spanned from the late ‘50s to the early ‘70s) such a joy to watch; a collection of magazines (from 1967) from the Draper home, time cards, hot water bottles, concert posters and all manner of ashtray.

There are enough pieces from Don Draper’s closet to practically build “Mad Men’s” star ad man from scratch including random pieces like a brown cashmere V-neck sweater (from Season 4), madras shorts (who knew Don wore J. Crew?), gold-framed sunglasses (in a Ray-Ban case), gray and black plaid pajamas (from Brooks Brothers), and, of course, a range of sharp-looking suits (many by Brooks Brothers, a frequent go-to resource for Bryant) including a blue and black checkered wool number (size 42 regular). To complete the look might we suggest a blue straw stingy-brim Pinzano fedora?

There are personal effects from other men too, including a light blue Brooks Brothers suit with light red stripes worn by Pete Campbell and a monogrammed tie clip worn by Roger Sterling — which might pair nicely with the silk Lanvin necktie roger wore in Episode 6 of Season 6 and is also up for bid — or Bert Cooper’s burgundy robe.

Where the auction seriously falls short, though, is on the women’s side of the equation with (unless we missed a page somewhere) nary a garment to be found. Instead, what’s on offer are housewares, accessories, costume jewelry and shoes belonging to “Mad Men’s” various women; Marie Calvet’s bright pink Samsonite luggage for example, a silver Claddagh ring worn by Peggy and a floral patterned makeup bag used by Megan Draper in Season 7. The sole exception was in the footwear department, though the most memorable pair of shoes on offer were a killer pair of red suede Joseph Larose stilettos worn by Joan Holloway (size 8.5).

Potential bidders should note that winning bids will have an additional 24% tacked on top (known as the buyer’s premium) and that shipping and handling is not included. Those details, as well as bidding instructions, can be found at, with online bidding set to begin tomorrow at noon PST and the first lots starting to close on Aug. 6 at noon PST.

Oh, and if you really do want to walk in Don Draper’s shoes, you better be either an 11 ½ (for the Brooks Brothers brown wingtips) or a 12 (for the black Florsheim lace-ups).

Entertainment Weekly: 10 must-have items from the ‘Mad Men’ auction: Exclusive

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10 must-have items from the ‘Mad Men’ auction: Exclusive

Your exclusive first look at the show’s iconic items that are now up for sale.

When bidding opens on July 31, the official Mad Men auction won’t need an ad campaign from Sterling Cooper & Partners to sell its wares. That’ll be the job of Screenbid, a company that has organized auctions for TV series including Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and True Blood. (ScreenBid declined to disclose opening bids.) Here, your first look at some of the groovy catalog’s items, which can be bid on at from July 31 until August 6.

Don’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Whether showing his kids his childhood home or speeding along Midwestern highways, Don spent many of Mad Men’s final episodes cruising on these four wheels. “It’s a great item, a beautiful car,” Dash says. “It was one of the main things we wanted.” For context: The motorcycle Jax rode on the Sons of Anarchy finale went for a smooth $49,000 in that show’s ScreenBid auction. Ride on.

Don’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Jaguar Media Plan
Lucky Strike, Kodak, Hershey’s, Burger Chef—all quintessential Mad Men pitches, all clients that took a backseat to the Jaguar campaign that consumed the fifth season. The media plan is a storyline-driven item, to be sure, but fans more interested in Jaguar’s human side need not despair: The auction will also offer the emerald necklace Joan (Christina Hendricks) received from fictional Jaguar exec Herb Rennet in “The Other Woman.”

Jaguar Media Plan

Don’s sunglasses
Throughout Mad Men, Don Draper would throw on these Ray-Ban sunglasses and up his already-impressive levels of cool considerably. Unfortunately, his swagger isn’t up for sale.

Don's Sunglasses

Don Draper’s suit
Mad Men’s main character (Jon Hamm) knew how to dress. He may have donned (heh!) more colorful garb as the show progressed, but this outfit is the old standard: a size 42 Brooks Brothers suit, with blue-and-black-checked wool. “We want items for two reasons: They’re character-driven or storyline- driven items,” Dash says. “We wanted to grab the best things for each character.”

Don Draper's Suit

Anna Draper’s engagement ring
Anna (Melinda Page Hamilton) left Don her engagement ring—from the actual Don—in her will, which the former Dick Whitman used in his season 4 proposal to Megan (Jessica Paré). The auction will also offer up the million-dollar check Don cut Megan when they negotiated their divorce…and she returned the ring.

Anna Draper's engagement ring

Vintage Ashtray

Don's Bar Set

Roger’s Faux Alligator Cigarette Case

The Drapers' fondue pot

The Drapers' Fondue Forks

Entertainment Weekly: Mad Men On the Block

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WHEN BIDDING OPENS on July 31, the official Mad Men auction won’t need an ad campaign from Sterling Cooper & Partners to sell its wares. That’ll be the job of ScreenBid, a company that has organized auctions for TV series including Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and True Blood. But just because ScreenBid CEO Jeffrey Dash has over seen similar sales doesn’t mean he knows how much iconic pieces like Ken’s eye patch or Betty’s copy of Freud will ultimately go for. “We scratch our heads sometimes,” he tells EW. “If an item resonates with fans, it goes through the roof.” (ScreenBid declined to disclose opening bids.) Here, your first look at some of the groovy catalog’s items, which can be bid on at – Eric Renner Brown