Bruce Willis is Receiving a Comedy Central Roast

The Comedy Central Roasts are usually reserved for lower tier celebrities in need of a little publicity boost. But it appears the next roast target is actually one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Bruce Willis will receive a Comedy Central roast on July 29th. The roast master will be Joseph Gordon-Levitt who starred in Looper alongside Willis. Here’s a promo for the upcoming roast:

We’re pretty sure we can guess some of the topics that Willis will be roasted over. The number of mediocre action movies he’s appeared in, the terrible Die Hard sequels he’s been in, his bald head and his embarrassing music career.

Of course, no matter who ends up making fun of him, Willis will probably remember that he’s a huge Hollywood actor who appeared in some of the best action movies ever made.

Also Donald Trump was also roasted on Comedy Central before, so maybe this is Willis’ first step towards also becoming president someday.

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