Bruce Campbell Retires His Character Ash from ‘Evil Dead’

By April 24, 2018 No Comments

The Evil Dead franchise is one of the most beloved in all of horror movie history. But it appears it may be over.

Bruce Campbell, who plays Ash Williams the star of the franchise, announced on Twitter that he is retiring the character after the recent cancellation of Ash vs. the Evil Dead, a Starz TV show that served as a sequel to the movie franchise.

Campbell’s character Ash is the hero of the Evil Dead franchise, and appeared in every single aspect of the franchise except for the 2013 reboot film. In fact, if you include the short film Within the Woods that Sam Raimi made to sell the horror franchise to investors, Campbell’s been involved with the franchise since 1977 (although he didn’t become Ash until the first Evil Dead movie).

In 2015, Starz launched Ash vs. the Evil Dead, a series that serves as a sequel to the original trilogy of films starring Campbell. The series was well-received, but was recently cancelled by the channel.

Raimi, who created the Evil Dead franchise, said he was interested in writing a new Evil Dead movie that would combine the Ash trilogy with the reboot, but plans to do so seem to be on the backburner. And now that Campbell doesn’t seem like he’s interested, it may never be.

But you have to admit it was a groovy run.

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