Here’s the Death in ‘Breaking Bad’ the Cast Still Can’t Watch

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows of all time, and also featured some of the most tragic deaths in television history as well. But there’s still one death that the cast can’t watch even today.

The cast and producers of Breaking Bad reunited with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the show’s 10th anniversary. During the reunion, one of the actors from the show admitted there’s one scene she still cannot watch even after all these. Betsy Brandt, who played Marie Schrader on Breaking Bad says she still cannot not watch the scene where her onscreen husband Hank Schrader, played by Dean Norris, is killed, nor the scene where her character finds out he’s dead.

“I still have not seen that scene, because I… just can’t… watch them drag you,” Brandt said. “And I just can’t… I just can’t. And I get that it’s pretend. It’s not like I text like Marie all day and expect you guys to show up at my house wearing purple… It was so fun to be a part of that relationship, because they were, you know, flawed, maybe, but such good people — and to be part of the love. And I just thought, ‘Hank should be in the world,’ you know? The world is better off with some people in it, and he’s one of them. Like, he should’ve been in it. And I still, I just –I can’t watch it.”

Hanks death is undoubtedly the most tragic moment in the entire run of the show, but it’s also probably one of the greatest moments in television history. But we can understand why someone so involved with the show would have trouble watching it.

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