This Website Shows Every Book Being Turned into a Movie or TV Show Right Now

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Book adaptations are some of the most popular pieces of entertainment. They can be turned into big budget movies, Oscar-bait biopics or even TV miniseries. But have you ever wanted to see what books are in the process of being adapted right now? Well now you can!

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The website “First Edition Film” shows a list of all the books that are in the process of being adapted for either television or film. They list every project related to a book adaptation, whether it’s already come out, about to come out or was only recently announced. The website also includes links to all the books so you can try to catch up before movie or show comes out.

For instance, in the next month there’s going to be an adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, which is a pretty famous book for children and young adults. Also you may not know that the trailers you’ve been seeing for Annihilation starring Natalie Portman and Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence are both movies adapted from novels.

This website is both excellent for avid book readers who want to know when their favorite novels are coming to the big screen, but also movie buffs who like to read the originals and compare it to the film version.

Now we just need a website that will tell us when our favorite TV shows will be coming in book form! (Looking at you, George R.R. Martin!)

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