‘Bill and Ted’ Sequel Would See the Main Characters Going Back to Meet Their Younger Selves

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The third movie in the Bill and Ted franchise has been in the works for years, and it’s unclear if the movie will ever be made. But if it does get made, we at least know what it will be about.

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In an interview, Bill and Ted writer Ed Solomon revealed some details about the planned third movie, which would be called Bill and Ted Face the Music. Solomon says the movie would start with Bill and Ted (played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves) in raising their families as middle aged men. Eventually, they’d be forced to go back in time and meet with their younger selves and Rufus, who was played by George Carlin in the first movie. There’s apparently a great scene where young Bill and Ted would talk with older Bill and Ted.

Previous details from the script said that despite reaching their middle ages, Bill and Ted still hadn’t written the song that would eventually save the world (which was part of the premise of the original movie).

However, the movie seems stuck in production hell at the moment. Originally, studios wanted the new movie to be a reboot with new teenage actors playing Bill and Ted rather than a sequel to the first two movies. There have also been concerns that the franchise isn’t popular enough to warrant a sequel given it’s more of a cult classic than a mainstream success.

If these details about the third movie sound good to you, don’t get your hopes up too much. There’s still no confirmation that a third movie is being made. So we may possibly never see them write the song that will save the world!

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