8 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix to Stream for Valentine’s Day

By February 14, 2018 No Comments

Today is Valentine’s Day, and while some people will go on an extravagant romantic dinner, others will want a more laid back activity, such as watching a movie. But what is the best film to watch today? Well, here are the eight best options that are streaming right now on Netflix.

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Love, Actually

Yes, technically Love, Actually takes place on Christmas. But it’s also the most love-centric movie ever made. Definitely a must-see on Valentine’s Day.

Wedding Crashers

Who said romantic movies have to be mushy?! Wedding Crashers is really a romantic comedy about Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams falling in love, granted with a lot more swearing and sex jokes than your typical rom-com.


A pair of women in the 1950’s begin an affair in this Oscar-nominated romance movie. While it’s definitely a little bleaker than your standard Valentine’s Day fare, it features fantastic performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. So it’s definitely worth watching.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

A romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson? Who cares if it’s not the greatest movie in the world? It hits all the points you want in a romantic comedy, with two awesome leads!


Looking for a little more weeping in your Valentine’s Day movies? Look no further than Atonement, a movie about two lovers forced apart by a false accusation and how they try desperately to reconnect.

Before Midnight

It certainly helps if you’ve seen Before Sunrise and Before Sunset prior to seeing Before Midnight, but it’s not necessary. It tells the story about middle-aged parents as they examine their relationship after so many years together.


Will Smith plays a man who helps other guys attract women. But what happens when the ladies’ man wants to settle down? Did we mention Will Smith’s in it?

Eyes Wide Shut

Are you looking for an incredibly bizarre and hard to understand movie that possibly led to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman breaking up? Then this Stanley Kubrick movie is right up your alley this Valentine’s Day!

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