The brand-new season of Will & Grace showed fans that the show still has a lot of life left in it. Although we haven’t seen the whole season yet, here’s a look at our five favorite moments so far.

1. Will and Grace play charades

Episode 1

There was no better way to get back in the groove of things with our favorite characters than by watching Will and Grace play a killer game of charades. They know each other so well that they can guess clues with just a few words – showing that our fave duo hasn’t changed a bit with time.

2. Jack uses anti-aging magnets

Episode 2

We all know Jack would do anything to maintain his boyish look. When Karen suggests using anti-aging magnets, Jack jumps at the chance – until he becomes magnetically stuck to every metal thing in sight!

3. Karen and Grace get stuck in a shower

Episode 2

If you missed the cast’s zany ways, settle in for some belly laughs when Karen and Grace get trapped in Karen’s brand-new giant shower. Once the water gets too high up, the two hysterically dog paddle to stay afloat.

4. Jack says goodbye to Rosario

Episode 6

The show lost a beloved character with its latest season: Karen’s feisty maid, Rosario. Although the passing of Rosario is a sad moment for the show, Jack gives a horribly inappropriate (yet hilarious) eulogy for his dear friend.

5. The show imagines an old-fashioned Christmas

Episode 7

When the crew imagines what Christmas would be like back in the olden days, fans get to see that the foursome would be funny no matter what time period they’re in. From Grace’s flighty socialite to Jack’s (still gay) sailor, this episode features a black-and-white holiday that is still full of laughs.

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