Veep is one of the funniest TV shows of all time, and there are so many reasons to love it. It’s a great way to make fun of politicians in Washington D.C. while also giving a fairly accurate depiction of how things work in our nation’s capital. But perhaps the best reason to love the show is the absolutely scorching insults the characters deliver to one another.

Here are 14 of the best insults ever uttered in an episode of Veep:

14. Amy Brookheimer trying to convince Mike Mike McLintock to do something:

“You are like an earlobe – you’re just there, just wobbling.”

13. Selina Meyer after Congressman Furlong tries to give her advice on a speech:

“Don’t you patronize me with your no jaw, you Congressman No Jaw!”

12. Mike McLintock to Jonah Ryan:

“It was an accident, OK? Much like when Bigfoot got your mom pregnant, resulting in you.”

11. Congressman Furlong to his assistant:

“You know, you’re about as annoying as a condom filled with fire ants.”

10. Selina Meyer to her replacement assistant who made a mistake:

“You said that everything was moveable. And that’s not moveable. That’s immoveable. Amy, this

is like explaining gravity to a chicken.”

9. Ed Webster to Sue Wilson after she tells him to be quiet:

“Hey, Sue, don’t talk to me that way. You’re the secretary to the vice president. That’s like being Garfunkel’s roadie, OK?”

8. Mike McLintock to Dan Egan:

“You know, Dan, watching you try to be nice is like watching a baby smoke a cigarette–it’s kind of cool, but also very disturbing.”

7. Mike McLintock after seeing Selina Meyer’s new haircut:

“It’s the worst use of scissors since my failed vasectomy.”

6. Selina Meyer to Gary Walsh:

“You are unimportant. And you have suckered onto me like some sort of a car-window Garfield. You think you’re some sort of a big shot here? Oh my God, you are not a big shot, Gary. You are a middle-aged man who sanitizes my tweezers.”

5. Amy Brookheimer after Selina Meyer ignores her suggestion:

“I have bitten my tongue for so long it looks like a dog’s cushion, but no more! You have made it impossible to do this job. You have two settings: no decision and bad decision. I wouldn’t let you run a bath without having the Coast Guard and the Fire Department standing by, but yet here you are, running America. You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets, and maybe slavery.”

4. Amy Brookheimer to Dan Egan when offering him a job:

“Right now you’re about as toxic as a urinal cake in Chernobyl.”

3. Dan Egan explaining why his dating tactics won’t work for Jonah:

“If you don’t look like someone melted Play-Doh all over a flagpole, it works.”

2. Amy Brookheimer on the British press:

“They’ll sell nude pics of their grandmothers for a glass of hot beer.”

1. Amy Brookheimer’s boyfriend, Ed Webster, to Jonah:

“Jonah, you’re not even a man. You’re like an early draft of a man, where they just sketched out a giant mangled skeleton, but they didn’t have time to add details, like pigment or self-respect.”

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