These are the 6 Best Guest Stars on ‘House’

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While we all loved the cast of House, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t room in our hearts for other characters. Many times guest stars would come on the show and absolutely nail their performances. Here are our six favorite guest stars from House.

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1. Carmen Electra as herself

When Dr. House is asked to fill in as a lecture, he runs the students through three cases and their diagnosis. In the third case, he claims the patient is Carmen Electra, to make the story (and the TV flashbacks) more interesting. Actually, in the end, that patient turns out ot be House himself, so Hugh Laurie wasn’t the only actor to play his iconic character.

2. James Earl Jones as President Dibala

No, this isn’t a resumption of Jones’ role as the King of Zamunda. Jones brought gravitas and intensity to the role of an African dictator who suspects he has poisoned by an assassin. Dibala is also facing a human rights trial, but Jones convincingly portrays that tyrant as someone who believes in the good of his cause, whatever the means.

3. Mos Def as Lee

What do you when you get a guest star with the talent and recognition of Mos Def? You keep him off camera for most of the episode. At least that’s what the writers of House did. The fifth season episode “Locked In” tells the story of  Lee, a patient who is completely paralyzed but still conscious and aware. And it’s mostly shot from Lee’s point of view. Lucky for Mos Def, and the audience, there’s some great voiceover work and some flashbacks to make Mos Def’s star power worth it.

4. LL Cool J as Clarence

Another rapper turned actor, LL Cool J appeared as death row inmate with heart and lung problems. LL Cool J brought some serious acting chops to the role playing a conflicted and haunted prisoner, whose murderous rages might have been influenced by a medical condition.

5. Dave Matthews as Patrick Obyedkov

Dave Matthews’ song “Some Devil” already appeared in a season 1 episode, but in season 3, Matthews appeared on screen. In the episode “Half-Wit” he plays Patrick, a musical savant who has perfect pitch but can’t button his own shirt. That gives Matthews an opportunity to show off his skills on the piano as well as bringing some humanity to a role that could easily become a stereotype.

Incidentally, Patrick’s father is played by Kurtwood Smith, best known as Red Foreman on That ‘70s Show.

6. Carl Reiner as Eugene Schwartz

Carl Reiner only had a small role in the episode he appeared in, but he made the most of his screen time. Reiner plays Schwartz a clinic patient who complains that he keeps squawking. Cuddy assigns Schwartz to House to annoy him. House retaliates by telling Schwartz to bring Cuddy a stool sample. In one of the episode’s funniest moments, Schwartz triumphantly enters a meeting Cuddy is having with hospital donors, paper bag in hand, and announces “Here’s my poo.”

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