The 20 Greatest Gregory House GIF Reactions

By January 14, 2018 No Comments

House always seemed to have the best quips and comebacks, even if it was just a withering facial expression. Whatever you want to say or whatever situation you’re in, there’s a House reaction for it. Here are the 20 best House reaction GIFs:

1. “Well. Do I?“

2. “Oh. C’mon.”

3. When you’re taking things very seriously

4. Because sometimes, that’s what they deserve

5. But sometimes credit is due.

6. “Beats me!”

7. When it’s not a good time

8. For highly stimulating conversations

9. When you just need something to take the edge off

10. “But, I mean it in the most respectful way”

11. When you definitely didn’t mean to cause trouble

12. For subtle hints

13. When a plan comes together

14. When you have to smooth things over

15. “You have my attention. Go on”

16. When you see something bitchin’

17. Kickin’ back with your bff

18. When you’re shocked but you can’t look away

19. “Please, just stop.”

20. When it’s Tuesday

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