Grace and Jack don’t get a ton of screen time together, but when they do, it’s always hilarious. Here’s a look at our five favorite Grace and Jack moments from the past nine seasons of Will & Grace.

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1. Grace and Jack dance to Britney Spears, Season 3

Will & Grace fans love a good choreographed dance number, and what better example of that than this moment between Grace and Jack dancing to Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again.”

2. Grace and Jack crack each other up, Season 8

The actors on Will & Grace are consummate professionals…except when they occasionally crack up at each other. This moment shows Jack giving Grace some dating advice on whether to pursue a married man, but the two can’t seem to keep each other from giggling.

3. Jack tells Grace to treat her mother better, Season 8

Grace has lots of issues with her mother, but this episode gives Jack the chance to advise her on how she should be treating her mom with more respect. Jack doesn’t often get to be the voice of reason on the show, but he definitely gives Grace something to think about in this clip.

4. Jack surprises Grace in the shower, Season 5

Jack wants to help Grace look sexy for Leo – and he thinks the best way to do that is by taping her and capturing her in her natural essence in the shower! Although Grace is furious at first, she soon realizes Jack might be right. And, there’s nothing funnier than Grace chasing Jack around the apartment in her robe and shower cap.

5. Jack cops a feel, Season 2

Although this clip has Will in it too, it’s still a funny moment for Jack and Grace. Grace’s picture appears in the newspaper, and the two men are convinced her bust looks bigger than it does in real life. In order to prove it, both men cop a feel (even though they insist it means nothing as gay men).

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