The 10 Best Episodes of ‘Veep’ So Far

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Veep is one of the best comedy shows on television. It combines hilarious satire of the political world with just-all-around great comedy. The show has produced so many incredible episodes, it can be hard to figure out which are the most noteworthy. But we took a shot at it.

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Here are the 10 best episodes of Veep.

10. “First Response,” Season 2, Episode 8

Selina prepares to sit down for an interview with a journalist that everyone believes will just be a puff piece. Instead, it turns into a series of gotcha questions as Selina is confronted by several scandals from her staff and family. Her staff goes into full-crisis mode trying to figure out how to fix it. It also features a great scene where Selina’s staff have to be nice to Jonah because the media’s watching, and an awkward scene where Selina doesn’t know her daughter’s a vegetarian even though she was told three months earlier.

9. “Andrew,” Season 2, Episode 6

After hearing about Selina’s ex-husband in the first season, we finally meet him in this episode of season two. Selina reschedules an important negotiation to her daughter’s birthday, so she has to deal with a bunch of politicians, her angry daughter and her confusing relationship in one episode.

8. “Joint Session,” Season 4, Episode 1

Selina prepares to make her first major speech in front of Congress as president, but her message is confusing. Everyone on her staff spends the entire episode bickering and arguing about what to put in the speech without upsetting her.

7. “Storms and Pancakes,” Season 4, Episode 6

After naming Tom James, played by the great Hugh Laurie, as her running mate, Selina starts getting annoyed that the press is giving him more attention and praising his performances more than hers. So she decides to attend a pancake brunch without her staff, which inevitably leads to problems. It’s also the first time we begin to see the rift in the James-Meyers political alliance.

6. “Nicknames,” Season 1, Episode 5

“Nicknames” contains perhaps the funniest moment in the entire series when Selina’s staff tells her all the nicknames the political press has made up for her, each one being more offensive and inappropriate than the last. That moment alone makes it one of the best episodes of the show.

5. “B/Ill,” Season 4, Episode 8

After spending large chunks of season four advocating for the “Families First” bill, Selina and her staff realize it would be a disaster and actually need to ruin the vote. This leads to Gary getting involved in some wheeling-and-dealing, something he’s not accustomed to. It also shows Selina struggling to work while dealing with a major illness.

4. “Helsinki,” Season 2, Episode 5

A commonly cited fan favorite episode of Veep sees Selina traveling to Helsinki. But her staff are worried that Europeans won’t take too kindly to her visit. It also introduces Minna Hakkinen, who becomes a frenemy for Selina throughout the show.

3. “Election Night,” Season 4, Episode 10

After seeing Selina’s struggles throughout the election season, it all culminates in the season four finale. Both Selina’s staff as well as viewers were on the edge of their seats to see if she would win the election. Of course, the show decided to throw a curveball instead, making this one of the most unexpected episodes of Veep.

2. “Kissing Your Sister,” Season 5, Episode 9

Throughout season five, Selina’s daughter Catherine was seen shooting a documentary in the background, catching some of the season’s crazier moments. In “Kissing Your Sister,” we finally see the fruits of Catherine’s labor. The documentary format as well as the way the episode shows some hidden moments we didn’t see during the actual season make this one of the best of the show’s run.

1. “Testimony,” Season 4, Episode 9

“Testimony” is a fantastic episode that breaks the mold of Veep episodes, similar to “Kissing Your Sister.” The episode is shot in C-SPAN style showing various members from the Meyers’ administration testifying about a scandal. It’s hilarious watching all these characters thrown into a new environment and trying to act in their best behavior, and usually failing.

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