There are many reasons to love House. The crazy medical mysteries. The hilarious-yet-brilliant-yet-flawed main character. The exasperated supporting characters who have to deal with the main character. And so much more. And while many of the show’s episodes followed a fairly similar formula (patient comes in with a mystery illness, House and his team struggle to figure it out, House has last second epiphany to solve the case), there were a handful that rose above the rest and broke the mold.

Here are the 10 best episodes of House:

10. Euphoria

A police officer is brought to House and his team after getting shot in the head and constantly laughing afterwards. Later, Foreman begins developing the same symptoms as the police officer and the two of them are isolated together in the hospital. Foreman begins acting erratically to save his own life, including stabbing Cameron and trying to infect her with what he has. It’s one of the few times a person actually on the team is the one needing a diagnosis, which gives everyone a greater motivation.

9. A Pox on Our House

House and his team are trying to diagnose a girl with symptoms similar to smallpox, which is a now extinct disease. Considering the seriousness of the implications, the team is forced to isolate the girl and take great precautions not to let the illness spread. Of course, it turns out not to be smallpox, but better safe than sorry.

8. Detox

In this season one episode, Wilson and Cuddy challenge House to quit taking Vicodin for one week to prove he’s not an addict. Things go…poorly. House begins completely falling apart and even breaks his own hand to get rid of his leg pain. It’s the first time the show depicts how bad House’s addiction actually is.

7. House vs. God

House’s anti-religious beliefs is a common plot device on the show. But in this episode, a faith healer seems to actually be able to..well…”heal” his patients. It’s a great episode where House’s usually impenetrable beliefs actually somewhat falter.

6. Broken

At the beginning of season six, House is locked in a psychiatric hospital to help deal with his various issues. While he initially doesn’t take it seriously, a series of missteps allows House to realize that he may not have as much control and understanding of the world around him as he thinks. Another example of the show exposing some of his many flaws.

5. Son of Coma Guy

House decides to wake a man who’s been stuck in a coma for years after the patient’s son becomes sick. When the man surprisingly wakes up fine, he goes on an adventure with House and Wilson that ends with a tragedy. Without spoiling it, it’s one of the best endings in the show’s history.

4. Whatever It Takes

House is brought in by the CIA to diagnose a patient. However, the CIA are refusing to give him many information about the man to help with the diagnosis. The episode features House fighting with the other doctors brought in as well as the CIA in order to treat the mystery patient.

3. Airborne

House and Cuddy are on a flight heading back from Singapore when a patient falls ill. But after a little bit, more and more patients on the flight begin experiencing similar symptoms. It seems like a full-blown epidemic is on House’s hands, which makes it one of the more thrilling episode in the show’s run.

2. Frozen

“Frozen” was the most-watched episode of House since it aired right after the 2008 Super Bowl. The episode focuses on House and his team diagnosing a woman in the South Pole who can’t leave her base due to weather. So House and his team are forced to use video chat to interact with their patient. The writers really brought out the creativity with this episode, almost like they knew a lot of people would be watching…

1. Three Stories

“Three Stories” stands out for multiple reasons. The first is the unique storytelling perspective it uses, as House gives a lecture in front of students about three cases he’s worked on and tries to get them to diagnose them. The third story turns out to be about House himself, and explains how he received the leg injury that would lead to so many problems in his life. A great non-traditional plot device and House’s origin story make this one of the show’s best.

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