30 Rock is well-known for packing in tons of hilarious one-liners into every episode. In fact, it’s been proven to have more jokes per minute than any sitcom ever. And with so many great characters with so many great lines, it’s hard to choose the best. But we attempted to do exactly that.

Here are the 10 best lines from 30 Rock.

10. Kenneth’s Life Advice

9. Jack Donaghy Entering a Negotiation

8. Kenneth Getting Upset

7. Jack Donaghy Talking About Sleeping on Planes

6. Tracy Jordan Giving Live Advice

5. Tracy Jordan Talking to a Pigeon

4. Jack Donaghy When He Showed Up at Liz Lemon’s House Unexpected

3. Liz Lemon as the World’s Worst Prostitute

2. Liz Lemon’s Dad When He Offers to Pay the Bill

1. Jack Donaghy When Asked About Wearing a Tuxedo

If NBC brings 30 Rock back for a reunion this year, that would be the best Christmas gift ever!

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