One of the ‘Back to the Future’ Self-Tying Shoes Sold for Nearly $100,000

One of the cooler fake inventions from Back to the Future Part II were a pair of self-tying Nike shoes. And now someone spent a pretty penny to own one of those fabled fake shoe.

An eBay user recently hosted an auction for one of the 1989 Nike Mag shoes featured in Back to the Future Part II. If you remember, the shoes were shown to have self-tying ability in the movie, one of several future inventions that have not come to fruition yet. After 220 bids on the eBay auction, the shoe sold for $92,100.

The seller of the shoe managed to obtain it from a Nike employee. Considering the shoe is nearly 30 years old, it’s not necessarily in the best of conditions.

While it may not be in the best condition, it’s still a huge collectible as only a few pairs of the shoe were made for the making of the movie.

Nike has released two similar versions of the shoe since the movie came out. First in 2011, they auctioned off 1,500 pairs of a shoe based on the one in the movie, and then in 2016 they raffled off 89 pairs. But this is the first time one of the actual shoes used in the movie was used.

Unfortunately, the shoes do not actually tie themselves. While filming the scene, there were actually crew members hidden under a fake panel near Michael J. Fox’s feet who secretly tied the laces so it appeared to be automatic.

Now we just need Nike to come out with the real thing, and we’ll all be able to cut valuable minutes off our morning routines.

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