You Can Buy an Aston Martin Owned By James Bond Himself, Daniel Craig

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James Bond and Aston Martin are a classic pop culture pairing. But apparently even the real-life actors prefer the luxury car brand as well. And now you can own your Aston Martin driven by an actual 007.

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The auction house Christie’s is auctioning off an Aston Martin 2014 Centenary Edition Vanquish that belonged to the most recent James Bond, Daniel Craig. The car has a serial number of 007, for obvious reasons, and is a dark blue hue both on the outside and on the inside leather interior because Craig is a huge fan of denim fashion.

The car is being auctioned off as part of Christie’s “Exceptional Sale,” where all proceeds go to a non-profit organization that helps young people find careers.

This limited-edition car that was customized specifically for Craig is estimated to be worth between $400,000 and $600,000.

“This Aston Martin Vanquish is a tour de force of automobile engineering and a distinct pleasure to drive,’ says Craig. ‘While I will miss it, I am keen to further the very important work of  The Opportunity Network with its sale.”

There were no details about how many missiles the car can launch or how high the ejection seat can go, but we’re assuming both will be pretty impressive.

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