Here’s the Much Anticipated Trailer for ‘Arrested Development’ Season Five

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors that the fifth season of Arrested Development would be airing on Netflix soon. And today a new trailer launched confirming it.

Netflix dropped the much anticipated trailer for Arrested Development season five today. The trailer shows the Bluth family all back up to their old antics, and also reveals that the new season will air on May 29th. Take a look:

Last Friday, Netflix dropped the season four remix of Arrested Development. The show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, re-edited the fourth season so each episode focused on the whole family instead of individual characters as it originally did. The fourth season focused on individual characters due to scheduling conflicts between the show’s stars, which made it difficult to film episodes with all the family together.

The new season though supposedly doesn’t have those issues and will be more reminiscent of the first three seasons that aired on Fox.

If you don’t watch the entire season on May 29th, then you’ll have made a horrible mistake.

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